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October 17th, 2008 (11:21 pm)
current song: Ashley Monroe - Pain Pain

Finally talked to my new boss the other day. We're waiting for her oldest son to go back into the Navy before I start. It should be November, for sure. He's just waiting to get a call from the Navy, then I'll get my call, then I'll have 2 weeks to get down there. I'm really excited about getting started. I get my holidays off, so I'll be home for the holidays. The only holiday I don't get off is New Years which is fine because I get to spend it in Florida working a show. How exciting?! I'm beyond excited.

Work has been keeping me busy. Wednesday was my only day off this week and that's only because I asked for it off. I guess I shouldn't mind working so much considering I need the money. I am so tired though. I'm looking forward to Sunday and taking a nap after church. :)


Posted by: Paige (shalomb_tches)
Posted at: October 19th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)

Thank you! :) I will definitely tell you when I leave.

Love you too!

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